Which seat is right for me?
Child Seats
ECE Group 0
Up to 13kgs
or 15 months
ECE Group 1
9 - 18 kgs or
9 - 4.5 years
Young Profi Plus seat
Young Profi Plus
Young Expert Plus seat
Young Expert Plus
ECE Group 2
15 - 25kgs or
approx 3 - 7 years
ECE Group 3
22 to 38kgs or
6 - 12 years
Young Sport seat
Young Sport
Monza seat
Recaro Monza

Child Seat Information

RECARO have over 100 years of company history, and long-standing experience in high-quality vehicle seat construction - from professional racing shells through to standard seats for renowned vehicle manufacturers - RECARO know how to make sitting a pleasure - even for the smallest customers.

The main function of car child seats is to protect your baby or young child as much as possible. Most seats you can buy satisfy this requirement. RECARO seats, however, take a more thorough approach.

Once maximum safety for your child has been achieved, RECARO then turn their attention to other issues that help children enjoy their seats. What good is the best child car seat if your child doesn't like it and doesn't want to stay in it?

The materials, design and technical innovations (for example the Sound System in the RECARO Start) ensure a pleasant journey for adults, children, and babies alike. For your child, sitting in a genuine "RECARO" is a really special feeling.

Approved Child Seat Installers

Only at RECARO are child car seats treated like adult car seats and tested in accordance with the stringent requirements of the automotive industry. What's more, RECARO use only innovative and high-quality materials. The RECARO Start is the world's first child seat to have a tubular aluminium frame construction and an integrated sound-system.

Safety, ergonomics, design, comfort, and quality are the catchwords used by RECARO's developers, designers and engineers. The results are an unrivalled range of child seats. Like their car seats, all products in the RECARO Young Seats range are distinguished by their excellent features.

Because kids love variety and know exactly what they want, RECARO have created a range of seat covers to suit every taste. RECARO sees timelessness and durability as paramount, ensuring your child will continue to like the seat and guaranteeing acceptance by older children too. All materials are subjected to stringent test procedures and are consistently tested for pollution, colour fastness and most importantly, sitting comfort.

RECARO child seats are not designed by cutting corners or making cost-savings which inevitably compromise safety and sitting comfort for your baby or young child. Decide for yourself what your child is worth.

Each month a donation from our profits is given directly to the NSPCC