Baby Seats - Protecting the youngest children

Finding the right car baby seat is very important. Baby seats sold in the UK must conform to the United Nations ECE Regulation R44.03 or R44.04 - which classes a baby seat as Group 0 (for babies up to 10kg) or Group 0+ (for babies up to 13kg).

Baby seats should be rear-facing to provide the greatest protection for the baby's head, neck and spine - in fact RoSPA recommend that you keep your baby in a rear-facing car baby seat until they exceed the Group 0+ weight range (13kg) or grow too tall for their seat.

A rear-facing baby seat is safest if installed in the rear of the car and should never be used in a front passenger seat which has an airbag - If the airbag deploys in an accident it could propel the baby seat upwards and towards the rear of the car. In some vehicles it's possible to deactivate the passanger airbag.

Baby seats have their own straps to keep the baby secure, and the seat is secured to the car using either the ISOFIX system, or the car's three-point adult seat-belt.

The RECARO Young Profi Plus

Recaro Young Profi Plus

For babies needing a car seat in the ECE Group 0/0+ Recaro offer the Young Profi Plus. This seat is suitable for babies up to 13kg (approximately 15 months).

The Recaro Young Profi plus is made to the same high standards that are used to make the adult Recaro Profi racing car seats. It is continuously adjustable so that it can grow with your baby, but is also extremely light and strong with a built-in carry handle for carrying your baby outside the vehicle.

The Young Profi Plus's extra high sides and additional seat reducer provide optimum protection in side impacts, and the comfortable padding of high quality ergonomic foam ensure the maximum safety of your baby in the car. The seat-covers are removable and machine-washable, and replacement covers are available seperately. It also has a removable, double-layered sunshade, and a specially-designed base which gives the seat a practical rocking function.

The Young Profi Plus baby seat can be attached securely to the car either with the Recaro ISOFIX base, or using the car's three-point seatbelt.

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