Booster Seats - Protecting older children

Booster seats or cushions allow your child to use an adult seatbelt safely. The booster seat is designed to raise your child up so that an adult seatbelt can pass over their body in the correct position. Adult belts are designed to work best for adults over 150cms tall (4ft 11ins). They are not designed for children. A young child who uses an adult seatbelt without a booster seat is in danger of being seriously injured during an accident.

By law booster seats sold in the UK must conform to the United Nations ECE Regulation R44.03 or R44.04 - Booster seats or cushions will usually fall into ECE Group 3 (22kg to 36kg).

A booster seat is similar to a booster cushion, except that where a booster cushion consists only of the actual part the child sits on, a booster seat also has a built-in back and usually has extra protection for a child's head and body against side-on impacts.

Recaro Young Sport

The RECARO Young Sport

The RECARO Young Sport is an ideal general purpose seat for children in ECE Groups 1, 2, and 3. It has its own 5-point harness system, and adjustable backrest. But when your child is big enough, the harnesses can be removed and the seat becomes a booster seat, using the car's 3-point harness belt.

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Recaro Monza

The RECARO Monza

The RECARO Monza offers the highest comfort and optimum safety, packed in a sporty design. Featuring an exclusive ventilation system, continuously adjustable back and headrest inclination to give your child the optimum sleeping position, and an inbuilt pneumatic cushion in the headrest for extra comfort.

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Recaro Start

The RECARO Start

The RECARO Start has integrated speakers built into the headrest for music playback, with MP3 player bag integrated in the seat. The seat also has variable height, seat cushion length, and shoulder width for optimum comfort.

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