What is ECE?

Since 1993 it has been a legal requirement for children to be secured whilst in vehicles. This involves the use of a child restraint system constructed, tested and approved in accordance with ECE regulation 44/03 or 44/04, which bear the ECE test mark.

The ECE standard differentiates between five weight groups:

Group 0 - Up to 10kg (22lbs approx), up to approximately 9 months of age.

Group 0+ - Up to 13kg (28lbs approx), up to approximately 15 months of age.

Group I - 9 to 18kg (20-40lbs approx), from approximately 9 months to 4.5 years of age.

Group II - 15kg to 25kg (33-55lbs approx), from approximately 3 to 7 years of age.

Group III - 22kg to 36kg (49-80lbs approx), from approximately 6 to 12 years of age.